19 Jan

Got Munchies: Sweet Scoops Fro-Yo

Good news! I found an AWESOME fro-yo brand.












It’s as close to ice-cream as frozen yogurt can get – super rich, creamy with minimal fro-yo after taste. Weighing in at ~150 calories per 1/2 cup made from milk instead of cream, it is a great alternative to ice cream. And, it’s made from milk derived from cows that haven’t been injected with growth hormones. I highly recommend the coffee flavor. Remember, just because it’s a better than ice cream, doesn’t mean it’s a free ride. In other words, limit to 1/2 cup. I found it at Westside Market, but you can go to their site to find a store near you.


Happy Friday! Join me this weekend at the Kids Food Festival @ Bryant Park. The goal is to teach families and kids about eating well both in taste and health.